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"creativity and innovation are important across all industries because business challenges require inventive solutions." Harvard Business School

It is the duty of all employers to support the wellbeing of employees and organising something different, such as a creative arts and crafts class, can help their staff improve communication, strategic thinking, teamwork and wellbeing.

Please check out my blog on how creative thinking is beneficial to the success of a business.

My easy-going and friendly approach allows me to work closely with employers and employees to create an engaging and fulfilling experience.  So, whether you need a workshop to encourage teamwork, communication or collaboration between staff or departments or a mindful half hour at lunch time to improve your staff's wellbeing, I have a course for you. 


£200 (starting at) for a 2 hour (teamwork, communication, collaboration) workshop for upto 8 adults

£100 for a 1 hour Mindfulness Neurographic session for upto 8 adults

I can adapt workshops and sessions to accommodate the needs and time constraints of your company.........just tell me what you want and need.

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