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    We are all creative

Yes, even you!  Trust me.......being creative is more than just the art of drawing. My background is in Psychology and being a Threatre Nurse, pre-School assistant and a mum.....doesn't sound like an artist, right?

Many people think you either have creativity or you don't, but it's not as simple as that. 

Creativity is more that just being an artist and, whether you work in retail, accounts, catering or medicine, you are probably using creative thinking every day to be resourceful or solve problems.

I have always leaned towards being creative; dancing lessons as a child, optimistic upcycler of household furniture, keen cook but I have been creative professionally since 2018 when I started a business making flowers from plastic bottles in response to David Attenborough's Blue Planet series which highlighted the plastic pollution in our oceans.  Features in Wedding Magazines followed, letters from Sir David Attenborough and the (then) Prince of Wales, several awards and features in blogs.

And as my local community gave me more and more different types of plastic to redirect from landfill and my wider community experienced the struggles of lockdown my creativity bloomed and my passion for helping our planet and the people on it grew into the many branched re-CREATIVE tree you see today.

Ways we can re-CREATE together

Whether you're a School, Business or Community organisation, there are ways we can collaborate.

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